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Sep 09 2013

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What a busy, exciting and wonderful weekend! But boy was I exhausted yesterday.

My brother in law got married and both my husband and Reese were in the wedding. My nerves were a mess simply because I didn’t want my little babe to cry all the way down the aisle (thank goodness for short aisles though- just in case).

She ended up doing fine! With the help of my mom, the sweet little girl who held onto her in the wagon, and the little boy who pulled the wagon, Reese was down the aisle fast enough to not even know what happened!

She looked like quite the doll, and I was so proud of her 🙂 first wedding… Check!

It had been another long week leading up to the wedding. Reese is still teething/congested (going on week 3 now), and I ended up with a double ear infection. With that, the wedding, and Nathan’s birthday- workouts were slim. Excuses, excuses, right?

I know exercise should always be a priority but last week it wasnt. That’s a goal of mine to work on.

With that said- we have two weeks left of t25!! I did some measurements this morning, and glanced back at my beginning measurements- I’m excited to tell you where I have changed!!

Weight-121.8 / 119
Arms-10″/ 10.5″
Thighs-19″/ 18″
Waist-27″ / 25″
Chest-32″/ 32″

Those are more results than I expected to have!!

Me=one happy camper :-))


Well it’s about that time to put my feet up and plan this little anniversary weekend away with my husband!
Cheers for now!